Can Swamp Coolers Improve Air Quality?

Many people today rely on swamp coolers to cool their homes and businesses. This device is a great alternative to air conditioning systems that often consume a lot of energy to optimize the temperature in a space. Besides emitting harmful elements, air conditioners use refrigerant gases that can be hazardous if not well maintained.

A Swamp Cooler – How Does It Work?

A swamp cooler, also called an evaporative cooler, is a cooling system that harnesses the power of evaporation to cool air in a room. It uses water to cool off indoor air that comes from the outside. The air passes over water-soaked pads and loses its heat to the water in a process called evaporative cooling.

The swamp cooler is packed with features that help keep the air cool, improve air quality, humidify a specific space, enhance efficiency, and function at minimum noise levels than AC units. In addition, swamp coolers are environmentally-friendly, easy to install, run, and maintain, and, most importantly, do not use chemicals as air conditioners.

Swamp Cooler Maintenance

Swamp coolers are excellent for cooling the air in properties found in low humid areas such as Denver. If you use a swamp cooler in your home or office in Denver, it is essential to have it cleaned frequently.

Technicians at Blue Mountain Plumbing have vast experience providing swamp cooler repair and maintenance services throughout the area. They can inspect, clean, and repair your swamp cooler in Denver to ensure it’s working at its peak efficiency.

Contact Blue Mountain Plumbing for Evaporative Cooler Repair in Denver

HVAC professionals at Blue Mountain Plumbing make cleaning evaporative cooler easy, fun, and affordable. If you need a swamp/evaporative cooler cleaning, repair, or installation and you live in or near Denver, Colorado, call 720-839-4015 to set up an appointment today. Our certified technicians are adequately trained to complete your work quickly and efficiently.

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