Flo By Moen – Water Security System

Flo By Moen – Water Security System

The Flo by Moen is a smart water security system that monitors water usage in your home and protects your system from water damage and leaks. It is jam-packed with advanced features, including an automatic shutoff that monitors your water supply system for vulnerabilities and the Moen Smart Water Detector that detects leaks and moisture flowing over the pipes like overflowing drains and weather-related problems.

Why Should You Install the Flo by Moen Water Security System in Your Home?

Flo By Moen is an intelligent plumbing solution that gives you peace of mind by protecting your home from water issues. There are many reasons to have this smart system in your home:

  • Remote and automatic water shutoff – The Flo by Moen water security system allows you to manually control your water system and will automatically turn it off in the event of an emergence.
  • FloSense Artificial Intelligences – The system’s turn-off sensors work together with a unique feedback-enhanced FloSense technology to proactively monitor your water system for vulnerabilities and leaks of any size.
  • Real-time alarm – The Flo by Moen water security system also features a water alarm system that will send off an audible or visual alarm should it detect a liquid. In addition to producing an instant alert, your shutoff will turn off the incoming water pipe; you must first configure this function.
  • Customizable Monitoring – You can integrate detectors into any appliance or fixture in your home to monitor for temperature or moisture change.

Contact Blue Mountain Plumbing for Moen Flo Installation Services

The plumbing technicians at Blue Mountain Plumbing can help protect the things you love by installing the Flo by Moen water security system in your home. We have the knowledge and experience to complete the job perfectly and on time.

If you need to install this highly efficient water system in the Denver Metro area, Contact Blue Mountain Plumbing for a quote on your Moen Flo system today!

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