How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous and deadly gas with no smell or color. According to the American Medical Association (JAMA), at least 1500 Americans die every year due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. These statistics are shocking, so keeping your home free of CO can help prevent your loved ones from being part of these figures.

The best way to do that is to have frequent carbon monoxide tests in your home. Thornton HVAC technicians at Blue Mountain Plumbing can help test and detect this toxic gas in your home.

How to Test for Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas that contaminates the air and can cause health problems if it gets its way into the blood. Although CO is odorless and invisible, you can experience various symptoms when exposed to it. These signs may include tiredness, headaches, chest tightness, and dizziness. Remember that these symptoms can become more severe with exposure to higher levels of carbon monoxide.

Unsure how to test carbon monoxide in your home? Blue Mountain Plumbing is Thornton’s leading contractor offering the best carbon monoxide testing services. Our Thornton plumbing and heating professionals are highly trained, certified, and committed to following industry best practices, regulations, and safety standards in all they do. We are a member of the North American Technician Excellence Group (NATE), so you can be sure our team is competent.

Our goal is to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home to keep you and your loved ones safe. Unlike other HVAC companies, Blue Mountain Plumbing provides fair upfront pricing and quotes to avoid future surprises.

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