Are Swamp Coolers Effective in Denver?

Denver is known as the Mile-High City since it’s exactly a mile above sea level. The elevation of this beautiful city is unique, it also means that the air is thinner and dryer than in most parts of the country. This kind of air quality can diminish a person’s upper respiratory health, which means that inserting more moisture into the air at home can help promote wellness, comfortability, and adequate breathing air. Here’s some more information about the benefits and effectiveness of opting for swamp cooler installation in your Denver home:

Pros of Swamp Cooler Installation Over a Traditional AC

A traditional AC requires closed doors and windows so that none of the cool air escapes. A swamp cooler relies on fresh air, which means you can crack the windows, allowing for new air flow throughout the day.

The cool, moist air that a swamp cooler provides will help you breathe easier, since dry air can cause scratchy throats, coughing, and other upper respiratory issues.

Other cities with dry climates opt for swamp cooler installation over the standard AC option. Many people throughout Denver are following suit, since swamp coolers provide your home with cool air by utilizing water, which provides much needed moisture and balance. Standard ACs, which make the temperature cool and dry, are popular in places like New York, Florida, or North Carolina, since they deal with a more humid climate.

What’s more, swamp cooler repair is often more cost effective and less tedious than that of traditional ACs, since there are fewer parts. Refrigerant, which is the substance used to create cool air in a traditional AC, can be toxic, dangerous, and cause more frequent repairs. The water utilized by a swamp cooler makes for safer use.


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