Heating Tips That Will Keep You Warm All Winter

We hope you squeezed all the fun in the Sun you could get out of the Spring and Summer months because the cold weather is here! For most that means hot drinks, pumpkin and peppermint flavored everything, scarves, sweaters, and beanies, and cranking up the heater to stay warm indoors. But before you do turn that heater on and potentially rack up an exorbitant heating bill you should know these tips and trick to stay warm all Winter long. Not only will these HVAC tips keep you warm, but they can save you money too!

1. Schedule a heat pump service

It’s recommended that you schedule a heat pump service at least once a year so a professional can ensure you’re getting efficient heating all Winter long. A heat pump service will guarantee its durability, as issues can be identified and fixed before they become huge problems, and it’ll guarantee energy savings. Call and schedule an appointment with a Blue Mountain representative for heat pump repair and HVAC maintenance.

2. Ensure nothing is blocking your outdoor exhaust flues

Most exhaust flues can be found on your roof and they’re responsible for venting out all the gasses and fumes produced by your HVAC system. Tree branches, leaves, and other things can get stuck – in fact you’d be surprised what can get lodged in these things – and block gasses from getting out, meaning they’ll find their way back into your home. When obstructed, these flues can be a big hit to the efficiency of your heating system and since they’re often in precarious places it’s best to let a professional like the ones at Blue Mountain take a look for all of your heating system maintenance needs.

3. Replace your furnace’s filter

Assuming you didn’t replace your furnace filter at the end of last year’s Winter, you definitely need to now. An old, dry filter can obstruct proper airflow in your home, meaning it’ll take a lot longer for it to heat up and you may have to crank up the temperature to even feel it. You’ll rack up a pretty big heating bill throughout the Winter if you don’t bother to get a new filter, which should only cost you $50-$100 rather than the thousands you’d spend on inefficiently heating your home. Additionally, neglecting to change your furnace filter can cause big problems down the road and even premature furnace failure, and no one wants to spend money on a heating repair during Winter. As a rule of thumb, filters that are one inch in thickness should be replaced every one to three months and the thicker ones between four and five inches need to be replaced every six to 12 months. However, you should check your filter every month just to be sure it doesn’t need replacing.

4. Clean out your vents

Depending on how old your home is and if you’ve ever cleaned out your vents before they could be chock full of dirt, dust, and other debris that inhibits airflow. Thankfully, cleaning out the debris causing air to blow inefficiently is easy. All you need to do is remove the lid from your vents and stick the arm extension on your vacuum cleaner to suck up it all up.

5. Check your thermostat

To ensure all things are working correctly you’ll want to switch your HVAC from cooling to heating and gradually raise the temperature to see how it performs. Is it even turning on? Is sufficient air blowing out from your vents? Are you hearing any concerning noises? The earlier this is done the more time you have to find out and fix any potential issues that arise, meaning the less time you’ll have an inefficient heating system that may have to work harder – costing you more money – to keep you warm during the time of year you need it the most.

If you have a gas-powered furnace that won’t turn on, the pilot light is likely the culprit and could have gone out over the Summer. Thankfully, the majority of modern furnaces have an electric ignitor switch that will be easily activated with the touch of a button. However, if it’s not the pilot light that’s the issue you’ll want to give us at Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling a call for our electric furnace service.

If you’re in need of more tips on how to stay warm this Winter and optimize your heater’s performance then let Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling help! Read more here! We have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure you can stay comfy and warm all Winter long without racking up a huge utility bill. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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